More of the stunning concept art sketches created by production designer Ondrej Nekvasil for Bong Joon-Ho’s visionary science fiction film, “Snowpiercer”.


01. At the end of the mind-blowing Aquarium Section lies an adjacent sushi bar, which as Minister Mason revealed in the film, serves the tasty Japanese dish only during January and July.

02. The Classroom Section and its brightly decorated interiors which was faithfully realized in the film in acid-bright saturated colors that matched the demented cheerfulness of the Teacher and her privileged pupils.

03. The interior of the Lounge + Salon Section took its grand opulence by channeling the spirit of luxury cruise ships from the 1930s.

04. Floor-to-ceiling windows filter in the light of an eternal winter inside the Swimming Pool Section. Fun fact: actress Octavia Spencer (who plays Tanya in the film) stated that this was her favorite part of the train during filming.

05. The set design for the Nightclub Section was intended to reference the decadent interiors of Manhattan discotheques from the 1980s but with a more modern twist.

06. The plush and hazy interiors of the Kronol Den Section also referenced the same ’80s nightclubs of Manhattan where the discreet back rooms allowed partygoers to indulge in drugs and other narcotics.

07. The final design of Wilford’s domain, the Engine Section, was conceived as a metallic spheroid monstrosity that production designer Ondrej Nekvasil described as “the chapel at the end of the road.”

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"The most important keyword to me was ‘train’ and the structure of the narrative reflects that. It’s simple: Curtis travels from the very last section of the train to the front. So the different carriages represent different stages in the story – every time you enter a new car, it’s like a new world that the characters are experiencing." 

– Joon-ho Bong on the design of the train cars.

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my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

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Sherlock Unaired Pilot vs Lady And The Tramp

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"Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose." - Beetlejuice (1988)

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Comedian Hari Kondabolu on David Letterman (x)

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Can I just say….

watching Eric Northman enter in his mid-90’s garb…

to the sound of #1 Crush by Garbage..

was the most epically sexual thing for me this year.

I don’t care how old that makes me seem, or weird, but it was the most glorious entrance ever.

Like 95% of tumblr won’t understand how gloriously amazingly 90s it was. :’(

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